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Welcome to my online design portfolio. I'm Barbara DuBois, a graphic designer with wide-ranging experience in design and prepress for commercial print, along with exhibition design and signage, and an extensive background in digital image editing.

By expanding my skills via the Digital Design program at Pierce College, I developed additional proficiency in digital art and photography, interactive media, Flash animation, video production and editing, and website design.

Barbara DuBois portrait

Feel free to browse through my portfolio, view my resume,and check out my blog. Please contact me via email with any questions or comments. I look forward to hearing from you!



"Her professionalism and flexibility were deeply appreciated, as was her willingness to answer our questions about software and design technique. She is talented, reliable, and enthusiastic. Barb has a talent for asking the right questions, a skill that is invaluable when working with clients. Her passion for design and thoughtful consideration of her work shines through in all she does. It would be my pleasure to work with her again."

~Brenda Morrison, former Development and Marketing Manager,

Washington State Historical Society


"As the gallery designer, I will usually give a loose outline of what text and graphics I am looking for and Barb is able to get back to me with several design scenarios quickly. I can also confidently rely on her input during design discussions. "

~Bill Bitter, Preparator/Exhibition Designer, Museum of Glass